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02 July 2016 @ 05:17 pm

In the middle of a crime scene, Brennan is shot by a sniper in the stomach while pregnant with Christine.
Apparently, the sniper is Christopher Pelant because his name is used multiple times.

Mostly terrified for fetus Christine, she cries for Booth, who is has been there the entire time but he isn't really shown and there isn't as much of a reaction from him as there would be on the actual show ("if anything happened to this beautiful baby, I would die" - The Prisoner in the Pipe) which kinda sucked but oh well, on a general basis, that's why I've got a torrent of 'The Shot in the Dark'.
He does, however, run to her and as she's being rushed to the hospital he can be heard saying "I'm right here Bones".

Brennan survives and fortunately the bullet had barely missed fetus Christine.
While she's in recovery and somehow we live in my house and 'we' as In I'm suddenly there. I'm about five-years-old and I'm Booth and Brennan's older daughter.
I'm playing or doing something out in the backyard while it's dark and suddenly hear something. I think it's Pelant and get terrified. So I run into the house, into Booth and Brennan's bedroom which is my bedroom in real life and climb into bed with Brennan. I'm crying and trembling and she wraps me up in her arms and cuddles me saying "It's ok, it's ok mommy's here".

Later, Pelant got into the house apparently. He throws a dummy he'd made up to look like me as a corpse at Booth and Brennan to trick them into believing he'd murdered me while he hid in the closet with the real me watching their reaction. He had my mouth duct taped and my hands restrained in front of me with one of those plastic packaging ties that are a pain in the ass to get off (great choice).

Again Brennan takes the emotional spotlight. She kneels by the dummy struggling for breath through her sobbing. I can tell Booth is there and that he kneeled by the dummy as well but once again he wasn't really visible. I know right,this is Brennan how did she not know it was a dummy? Hey, it's a dream, and from what I could tell it seemed like a pretty good dummy.

When Pelant got his fill of their misery, he revealed himself, shoving me out of the closet ahead of him.
There might have been thing where he threatened to kill the real me.

I wake.

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Two in a row, hells yeah! Watching Cordy and Angel semi-porn on Youtube is doing wonders on my mind! ;D


Unfortunately, there isn't much detail that can be supplied here, my memory is limited.
There had been an arced storyline in Angel of Cordelia being visited by the ghost of her deceased mother, who happened to be Christine Brennan from Bones. She'd appeared several times as a guide to her daughter but suddenly in the final episode of the arc she'd turned and begun malevolently haunting Cordy. Such as one moment in which her hair tie had been slowly removed from her hair while she and Angel were walking, with Angel keeping a close guard over her. Apparently that had been some form of warning, that the mother was able to touch her thus she could and would harm her.
Cordy figured out that the only way to destroy her mother's ghost was to burn down the house she was attatched to, her (Cordy's) childhood home. She didn't outwardly seem to be bothered by this, I recall her even chanting "Burn, burn, burn!"
Somehow Xander and Buffy were there, Angel feeling like Cordy must be in some distress over having to do what she did went to her side and suddenly they were naked on the ground having sex. That was the last moment and for that short moment I'd suddenly become Cordy and felt his kisses and his body. *sigh*
Apparently from that point forward they'd had sex like once per episode.


Here for almost the entire duration the role of Cordelia was first person, from my point of view.
It was in Sunnydale so she was of course a bitch.

Opening Act (third person):
Cordelia makes an unclear but very insensitively vuglar comment to, I assume one of her Cordettes though I didn't see the recipiant, about how Xander had feelings for her with him standing there a few feet away, which she knew because I believe she'd bullied him a few seconds earlier. He disappeared behind some form of tented or canvased area of the room where after a few seconds there was a kind of beautiful but also kind of soap opera corny shot of his face being projected off the canvus and blown up to focus in on a tear that had fallen down his cheek. The focus returns to Cordelia with this big grin on her face watching this and when Xander's tear comes to her attention as he walks back out of the canvas it ALMOST seems like her face is going to fault but it either barely does or it doesn't. I'm not certain on either.

Act II (first person):
Scene I

Cordelia is now on her way to, I believe an English class and is thrown some riddle by an unknown person that has left my memory but ended in something like: "if you don't fold wings and fly away". She pretty quickly figured out that it's referecing a piece of paper folded into a paper crane.
There might have been a moment where she'd bypassed Angel and Buffy together and responded as though she were disgusted out of jealousy.
In the classroom, the desks were in a circle formation, at least somewhat with Cordelia sitting on one end, Willow to her right, Xander on the other side of Willow and Buffy on the other side of Xander.
While there were no actual indicators to my memory it felt to me like this teacher actually didn't like Cordelia anymore than her fellow students due to her bitchiness.
Scene II
A large jock intruded into the classroom who was, in fact, a vampire and of course, it's Cordelia he chooses to grab from her desk and attack. He digs his fangs into her throat but apparently hadn't bothered to clamp her mouth shut because she screamed, but no one got up to help her. I'd like to point out that as a first person experience, I felt nothing, not his fangs or any pain and her screams made little to no actual sound. She specifically hoped Angel would show up to save her and he did, but it had taken several moments for him to acknowledge her peril because apparently by this point there were multiple vampires in the room. When he finally gets to her, he has kind of an 'Offspring' moment where he shouts "Get away from her" but it seemed like it was more of an inverted form of "Get off her" that seems to regard the attacker more than her. Something like "Get her off you".
Somehow during the attack Cordelia had given birth to a baby she'd suddenly been pregnant with and the attacker had taken the bloody newborn before she'd even seen it.
Angel left the room almost instantly after stopping the attack without giving her any attention and class resumed as though nothing had happened. No one, the teacher included, checked to see if Cordelia was alright. She remaining standing and checked out her bite marks in a mirror that was hanging on this random wall that had shown up in the classroom. They were tiny to have been made by teeth and there was no blood, but they were positioned appropriately and deep. Seeing the wounds Willow had become the only one there to feel concerned and approached her to offer consolence.

Change Location
It seemed Cordelia was trying to see the nurse but again the staff of the school seemed to be showing just as much hate and disregard for her as the students because the nurse or it might have been the receptioninst, I'm not certain (who appeared in some weird, unattractive cartoony form) just rudely asked her about how it felt to be the victim.

Change Location
Scene III

When she returned to the classroom, the jock who'd attacked her was now at the front of the class, presumably speaking on something but no dialouge actually occurred.
"You!" Cordelia growled stomping up to him, pale and weak from exanguination and having just given birth not to mention heartbroken because Angel had ignored her beyond saving her life, "What did you do with my baby?!"
He scoffs and answers somewhat along the lines of, in a very condescending tone:
"It's fine, it's in a safe place, a nice place"
It seems as though he's referring to a safer and nicer place then with her because of what a bitch she was. She didn't believe that answer. He continued to speak but dialogue is unclear and though he'd been referring to the baby as 'it' she must have caught him slip the pronoun 'he' out because she says:
"He? It's a boy?"
(remember she never saw the baby when he was born so she never got to find out)
"Yes, it's a boy! Congrats!" The vampire jock responded sarcastically in that same condescending 'you're wasting my time' tone.

Scene IV
Cordelia is now standing in a corner near her desk overhearing Willow having a conversation with Xander and Buffy.
Remember how I'd said she was heartbroken because Angel had ignored her? This had been established at some point I'm unsure of when she'd sobbed to them:
"Angel saved me, but he didn't even look at me!"
Now Willow was appealing to Xander and Buffy to help Cordelia find her son. They didn't feel she was owned their sympathy for all the bullying they'd endured from her and in Buffy's case there was probably resentment that Cordelia was in love with her boyfriend, but Willow insisted that even someone like her didn't deserve this kinda shit and one piece of dialogue I'd caught was:
"Haven't you ever been in love with someone who didn't reciprocate?"
Indicating that Cordelia had a double painbow hovering above her head, having lost her baby and loving someone who didn't love her back. This presented Xander with an ideal opportunity to make some kind of remark about what she'd done to him in regards to his feelings for her but that I am aware of he doesn't. He more or less concedes to how horrible that feels. Though I don't actually see him because I'm Cordelia so my back is turned to the conversation, I felt like I'd somehow managed to catch a shot of a very empathizing expression on his face and get the sense that he still has feelings for her but doesn't resent her for not returning them and for ridiculing them. Damn my Xander is way more mature than the actual one! Go brain!

Scene V

Scene V is extremely weird and possibly not canon. It seemed more like I was jogging circles around the main campus building imagining the last portion of the story.
The three Scoobies and Cordelia begin making their way out of the school building to find her son and Willow asks:
"Have you thought of any names?"
Cordelia's answer sounded like something that could have been aimed at pissing Buffy off, but I seriously doubt that because she sounded very genuine:

"I want him to have his father's name, Angel"
(dun dun dun! XD)

New Location

They end up at Angel's front door and when he answers there is a moment where he and Buffy made googoo eyes at each other...or maybe it was just Buffy making googoo eyes at Angel but either way, Willow asks them to knock it off as that's inappropriate right now, this was about helping Cordelia.
A baby's crying can suddenly be heard from inside Angel's house. It seemed the vampire jock had been telling the truth about Cordelia's son's whereabouts. Angel had him.

This next part might be even less canon because I feel as though it might have occurred in my concious imagination as I was waking up, but Angel brings the baby out to show Cordelia and as she smiles down at her beautiful boy Angel smiles at both of them and tells her that he's been calling their son Connor.


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29 April 2015 @ 05:29 pm
My newest addiction for the past month now is Bones. I'm very close to being caught up with the airing on television after a few weeks of bingeing it and right away it absolutely hooked me. I'm into quite a handful of crime shows but this is by far the most unique.

Today something occurred quite by accident that caught my attention.
This morning as I am composing an important email my typing was very lagged, so I decide to force quit and restart my Chrome (something that's become a bit common lately but usually because it stops responding, in this case I was a bit impatient). Whenever I have to force quit it recognizes that Chrome did not close properly and asks if I want to restore my previous session and I always do.
I've got two youtube tabs open, one with season 8 episode 15 of Bones 'The Shot in the Dark' and the other with the song 'I'm Not Perfect' by Hedley. The first thing I always do upon a Chrome restart is quickly pause any youtube tabs I have open but apparently this time I misjudged because as I begun to listen to the song I suddenly realize that mixed into the track I'm hearing Booth shouting:

"Stay with me Bones...yes this is agent Booth, I need an ambulance at the Jeffersonian in the bone room now. NOW! Come on Bones stay with me, wake up, you gotta fight."

It was pretty much the coolest effect ever! This song actually added a really appealing more dramatic effect to the delivery of that dialog, it's amazing the little things that can completely change the tone and/or meaning of a sentence.

A bit ago I decided to experiment further with the same song and scene in the episode just for the hell of it and right away discovered that it kind of depends on which portion of the song is paired with the scene or what moments in the scene. The second run which wasn't precise, I did nothing more than turn on both media from the beginning, didn't have quite as good a blend, but then I tried something more specific. With some struggle, I timed the lyric:

"As long as I can feel you holding on, I won't fall, even when you said I was wrong"

to play over the moment when Brennan opens her eyes and it switches for a second to Booth's face yelling at her to hold on and fight then back to her just before she slips away to the...I guess in-between world (I'm at a loss for a proper term for it) where she meets her mother. The effect was BEAUTIFUL! That particular lyric paired with the tragic music not only fit that moment in the episode but also the situation, the fact that it was Brennan and Booth getting into a fight that had led to it.

If only I knew what the accidental blend was, but I wasn't paying attention obviously. I'd like to try that again.

Next I started the Bones episode a little further back then when Booth finds her body, I went back to a few seconds before the shot, when Brennon is looking at the remains on her table and begun the song in the instrumental introduction right before the first lyric with the moment right after Brennan takes the shot but in attempt to pair her collapsing with that first lyric: "falling a thousand feet per second..." then l continued to let it run through while Booth found her started managing the bleeding. First of all this was a very difficult blend, I was getting frustrated but and when I finally managed it, after that first lyric/moment blend it stops mixing well but wasn't the worst.

 This is probably all elementary to those with a lot of experience making youtube videos, but this is a concept I've never worked with before. I've been wanting to learn how to make youtube videos and I have tried to self-teach on my Acer, but it wouldn't cooperate. Something always ended up crapping out on me. I've also not really found appropriate software to perform on or have any know-how on obtaining video clips.
I have so many wonderful video ideas for several different fandoms if I could only execute them. *sigh*

I gotta say this was a very stimulating mock procedure. I'm finding that it's a hell of a lot harder to blend song lyrics with the scene/moments in video footage than one whose never done it before might think. I still want to master it though.

And Bones rocks!
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27 March 2015 @ 05:35 pm

In my two years as a Buffy/Angelverse fan, I've had very few dreams in relation, which is kind of odd, but the other night it happened!

Apparently a large group of Buffyverse characters, including Buffy and Angel and I are on this trip and are checking into a hotel. It was required that it be two people to a room and we were given the freedom to choose our roommates. I really wanted to be Angel's roommate but pretty much knew that he and Buffy would hook up. Surprisingly, WRONG. Buffy hugged her chosen roommate and not exactly sure who it was, but it was a gal pal. She didn't even seem to know that Angel was there. Kind of like I would in real life, I sorta just stood there while all the partners were being picked waiting for an invitation until myself and Angel were the only two left (I think he kinda just stood there awkwardly too), so I got my wish. We were roomies.

The next thing I know I am lugging my stuff down the hall to our room and I slip my card key into a door but realize it's the wrong room so I continue a few more doors down. This time the door opens and Angel is standing there shirtless. I get my stuff into the room and a minute later Wesley, who apparently works at the hotel shows up. He says something about how my card key was invalid because it didn't show that we were supposed to be the occupants of the room or something like that. So we were asked to vacate. As we grab our stuff, Angel and I mumble to each other how we already knew the hotel was a dump.

It wasn't just Angel and I, the whole hotel was suddenly standing around in the lobby including Buffy and her roommate. It's like the wee hours of the morning and I think I was pacing around, getting anxious. Angel wasn't around so I figured he'd joined Buffy. I didn't think he much gave a rats ass about me despite having me for a roommate, again surprisingly WRONG.
Suddenly he's at my side, still shirtless and tries to calm me down. He assures me that everything will be alright as he covers my face in kisses. He takes me in his muscled arms and holds me against him, telling me to close my eyes and try to sleep while I'm already snuggling into him. He lowers us to the floor, grabs a blanket I think from my bag and wraps it around me.

Unfortunately, I wake up at this point (I always wake up at the good part!). I tried to make it continue while going back to sleep but I ended up having a different dream. Though there was this interesting part where Angel and Buffy show up and get all lovey dovey, I make a rude comment out of jealousy (purposely because I want Angel to get the message) and Mushu from Mulan tells them I have a crush on Angel.
"She's not being rude, she's jellin'" was his exact line 'jellin' being his lingo for jealous.
Buffy seems heartbroken by this, pulls Angel aside and tells him that I'm the one he belongs with.


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19 December 2014 @ 07:42 pm
Yup another playlist. I'm on an Angel kick now and as usual join the minority fangroup in NOT shipping him with Buffy but with instead with the strong individual Cordelia became in ATS. I started keepinig this one on Slayalive but the site just came back from being down for a couple of days and that prompted me to move it someplace else for safety.

It's such a downer that I can't vid them for youtube but every time I try to learn how to make videos something craps on me, like the powers that be don't want me to hehe. It's actually quite annoying my mind is constantly putting scene layouts together with the song lyrics. My muse likes to tease me like that.

Angel's POV - Themed towards his need/love/longing for Cordy.

  • Without You by Ashes Remain

  • She's Like the Wind by Patrick Swayze

  • Is This Love by Whitesnake  - This song is particularly perfect for when Angel misses Cordy when she is in the higher plain.

  • Everything by Lifehouse

  • Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

  • You're The Inspiration by Chicago

  • May I by Trading Yesterday

  • You by Rascal Flatts

  • Lonely Miracle by Vertical Horizon

  • A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

  • If You're Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield.

  • Every Day by Rascal Flatts

Cordelia's POV
Theme: Her love for Angel but fear that she could never mean to him what Buffy did.

  • I Could Fall In Love by Selena

  • You're Where I Belong by Trisha Yearwood - exclusively fitting to the episode 'Birthday'

  • It's Noy My Time by 3 Doors Down - Birthday

Angel's POV
Theme: After Cordy has fallen into a coma then died

  • Forever by Rascal Flatts

  • Forever by Vertical Horizon

  • Gone by Diamond Rio

  • Need by Hanna Pestle

  • Breathe Me by Sia

  • Only You by Matthew Perryman Jones

  • Jealous by Labrinth

  • Words I Couldn't Say by Rascal Flatts

Note: This song can also apply to when Cordy is with the Groosalugg at the end of season 3.

  • Without You by Harry Nilsson/Clay Akin.

  • Before I Let You Go by Freestyle

  • Someday by Nickleback - applicable during season 4, either when Angel finds out that "Cordy" slept with Connor or after she's in a coma.

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30 August 2014 @ 06:35 pm
So as you may have noticed my writing muse is a fickle bitch who will give me ideas but refuse to hand over the missing pieces in plot development. My apologies for that, for all the abandoned fanfic material here.

Also I do need to make an important announcement.
A few months ago the flash drive holding my entire computer life corrupted and along with it all of the files on it. None would open, delete or move. After my stepfather fiddled with it I was able to recover some of the files but not all. A lot of the files that could not be recovered are fanfics available for reading here except that I'd begun revising them.

The one of these to my knowledge was the first chapter of the Twilight fanfic 'Broken' (the second was recovered) which had undergone significant revising since it was posted here. I'd intended on finishing this fanfic at some point though I'm over the franchise but what is here is now obsolete. Unfortunately that and any others affected shall have to be discontinued now.

That being said I'm determined to conquer this constant battle with my muse with a Quantum Leap fanfic I've begun re-writing from years ago and was successfully recovered from the corrupted flash drive. That hasn't been going well so far but I shan't abandon it.

Now however I've struck a Being Human US fanfic idea. It will be a Saidan focus, haters just don't read!
I'm not going to reveal the plot, you'll just have to wait and see...or never know. No seriously, this time I do aim to finish and release it! I'm feeling like this is my best Being Human US idea yet! 
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05 May 2014 @ 03:38 pm
Yup another playlist, another series. Blame my brain.

This one is for the series Ghost Whisperer.

Silence Remains by 3 Doors Down - Jim's POV of what Melinda does, how she handles the ghosts.

Loosing Your Memory by Ryan Star - Jim coming back as Sam with Amnesia.

Never had a Dream Come True by S Club 7 - Melinda grieving Jim's death.

Always adding. 
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12 April 2014 @ 03:08 pm
Based on the series finale of Being Human syfy and inspired by the Evangeline concept in Disney's Princess and the Frog.
Software: Photoshop CC (30 day trial on my Macbook)
Lyrics: Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
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08 April 2014 @ 08:41 pm
Alright, after the Being Human series finale I have come to the decision that I can not go through with my fanfiction idea involving Aidan turning human and developing dementia. After seeing it portrayed on the show...it was the most pain I've ever felt watching something on a scree, I just can't do that to him especially my having planned to make it worse!

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08 April 2014 @ 07:15 pm
The following is a letter I am writing to those involved with Being Human syfy after it's series finale aired last night.

To Sam Witwer, Sammy Huntington, Meaghan Rath, Kristen Hager and Anna Fricke,
Though I contributed a piece to the Being Fans tribute video, it doesn't even begin to express how I feel. I'm so terrible at speaking. My feelings come out better in writing...sometimes in too much writing so be prepared to possibly be reading a novel here. hehe.

It seems like only yesterday that I'd turned on Being Human for the first time and immediately recognized Sammy Huntington as Alexa Vega's loser older brother in the film 'Sleepover' and got werewolf vibes from him (I'd already known the gist of the show from the Facebook game). I'll never forget how I thought Rebecca's name was Elvira at first because of Sally's sarcastic reference. Haha.
The character I'd really latched onto was Aidan. Sam Witwer's performance reached out to me and in a lot of instances such as in the series finale which was the most painful I've ever felt watching anything (and I thought it was hard watching him get killed in The Mist), stole or ripped out my heart. It was always difficult for me watching Aidan in pain such as when Bernie died, I always felt it with him but to actually watch him literally die, holy crap I was a wreck! You're very gifted Sam and your performance of Aidan's deterioration was just heart rippingly phenomenal. The tears are still coming and going (right now for example) as I continue to think about the tragically but profoundly beautiful events of the finale and tell myself that it's the end. Seeing Sally and Aidan reunite in the afterlife was both so profoundly beautiful and difficult to accept like being at the funeral of a loved one, the idea that all four characters could not stay together but I know it's exactly what was meant for them and found it perfect! Thank you for Saidan, I've shipped it since the first season but never thought you'd do it let alone so beautifully.
And thank you for granting every other single wish I'd ever made ironically in the third season when we were warned to 'Be Careful What You Wish for'.
1.) Aidan's human backstory/introduction to his family
2.) Aidan dating a human (Kat was amazing, that relationship had actually been trying to shove Saidan into the background)
3.) This was more of something I thought would be interesting than something I needed to see but a witch introduced. Donna was so not what I had in mind there but was even better!

There was also something else on my mind that was fulfilled in season four, Aidan dating a werewolf. I'd wondered how that would work, and mixing that with Saidan was just wow. I do wish she'd gotten just one turn scene though.
There are a few others things I would have liked to see like more Saidan sex scenes (yeah I like sex scenes, I'm kind of a perv that way hehe) but hey I can deal, these were more minor ides vs the detailed concepts listed above.

It made me so happy to see all these thoughts come to life like you guys sent some little parasites to slither in and pluck them from my brain in the middle of the night haha. XD

I also want you to know how much I also enjoyed the werewolf portrayals. It's not easy to please me with a werewolf design and I was a werewolf girl long before I was into vampires. But Being Human did it. The combination of the human body figure and the animal head was brilliant. Though Josh annoyed me with his gigantic pity party in the first season his growth since then was amazing and wonderful to watch. You had some amazingly emotional performances Sammy such as when Josh found out Ray was his maker. Wow. Your kids are adorable by the way how exciting it must have been for you to have them on the show.

There is so much I could say about Sally. I remember the whole reaper thing, how many fans I saw talking about how it was gonna be a "Dead Like Me" thing and will never forget how my heart was throbbing during the reveal of the reaper's true identity and he went poltergeist on the guys. I've memorized every line of the scene where she tells Aidan that she remembers Danny killing her and her entire season 3 storyline was just unspeakably amazing. Her deathbed scene, only Sally could make death inoffensively humorous. That was overall an amazing episode.

Nora never seemed to want to stay on my good side with her constantly hypocritical bitchiness, or that's how I saw certain behaviors of hers but she was great for Josh and in this final season I actually enjoyed her. If you'd like a specific example, the entire thing between her and Aidan over Erin in season three ticked me off. But then again I love my Aidan. I'm almost always on his side.

Being a fan of this series has been the most amazing experience of my life. It made me such wonderful friends and I got to be very entertained by Sam Witwer's live tweets, dude your tweets always make my day. Sorry I never got to do it with you three, Sammy, Meaghan and Kristen, there were a few short ended straws to being a west coast fan but I was alright with it. Not only is Witwer my fav and more than enough but I tried using a live feed of the east coast once for season three however in the middle of like the third episode it crapped on me and never worked again. Anyway I discovered the east coast live tweet feed was quite a bit more crowded and fast paced. Not my scene.

Alright and I'll bite, Being Human gave me the quite positive experience of Twitter. I didn't have one until the Being Fans groupies bugged me to get one but it was really noticing the tweets from Sam Witwer that they'd shared which convinced me. I wanted him to talk to me as well so I gave in. Before I would have told you it was stupid and pointless and as a writer was convinced that I couldn't deal with a mere 140 characters. Sometimes that still holds me back but lord have mercy I've grown quite addicted to it now! XD

Thanks you all for coming into my life and my heart. It's been an amazing journey with these characters and I shall miss it but very much appreciate your reasoning behind the decision to wrap it up. It would have pained me just as much to see the quality of the show wither away. Geeze I wish we could get the fans on Facebook to understand this, the whining and throwing insults at Syfy for canceling it are peeving me! I've even posted multiple links to Witwer discussing it.

By the way Witwer, you did a fantastic job on Grimm. I'd love to see you in more of these types of roles and to see your Grimm character return.

I hope I get the chance to meet you all someday, conventions are just so out of the realm of my possibilities but I will find a way. Witwer, I'm holding on to something for you. I've had it for a while and when I discovered your love for Star Wars and that you've played Darth Maul I figured you'd love this. ;) It shall always be here waiting for you.

I love you guys
Always a fan,
Sydnee (more commonly know amongst Being Fans as Luna)
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