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01 March 2013 @ 10:28 pm
Being Human S3 Ep. 7 Review: 'One is SIlver, the Other Pagan'  
  Things just got seriously complicated as we've reached about the halfway point in season 3 of Being Human.
Carrying Liam's plan as his 'secret weapon', Erin has poisoned Aidan's vials of Kenny's blood and is holding a stake to him. There however is fear written all over her, her cautious posture, her unsure expression and the way she held the stake as more of a shield than a weapon. She wasn't going to do it but with his life in danger Aidan got a little too defensive and kicked the girl with deadly vampire strength across the room.  Unfortunately Josh walks in just after thus only finding both people lying on the ground, and unbelievably chooses to rush first to the unconscious girl, barely a glance for Aidan.
  One of the highlights of the previous episode for me was Nora's absence, I hated her for not understanding why Aidan had to feed from Kenny, for basically holding his being a vampire against him. Now she's back to piss me off WAY more. Erin is in pretty bad shape and not willing to let Aidan tell his side of the story!
  "Everywhere you go violence follows"
  Oh like she's one to say that! Violence follows her around too! I can't believe what a hypocritical bitch she's being! I would also like to point out that in an earlier episode when she actually considered doing Liam's dirty work and assassinating Aidan, she mentioned how she had watched him kill Connor in 'cold blood' as a point against him. Uh, he killed Connor to have YOUR back bitch! He delivered Connor to the Amish as the wolf who killed Hageman when that wolf was actually NORA! It should be her wolf head mounted to their wall! She's never shown Aidan a single bit of gratitude for that! First Connor and Brynn and now Erin; she always has to choose not only strangers but wolves over her friends and family! Remember she even threw her own brother out of the house for getting into a fist fight with Josh. Erin didn't do a thing wrong by accepting a drink from an older guy and making out with him with seemingly no intention of telling him she had an STD!
   Josh is barely better. He's seen what HIS werewolf blood did to Aidan and yet he stood there and doubted him when he saw Aidan lying there with Erin displaying the exact same symptoms. Come on Josh! Whats wrong with you! He's also not willing to believe that precious Erin attacked Aidan. I'll give him a little credit though, he at least tried to make the connection between Liam delivering Erin to their door and Aidan being attacked, and he tried to reason with Nora a few times. Including attempting to convince her that Aidan had not meant to harm Erin. He could have done a lot better though, there is no way he should be unsure that Aidan was poisoned.
    After the way she's been treating Aidan, this being the icing on top, he still wants to marry the bitch! Seriously!? Even when she straight out made clear that she wanted him to choose Aidan or her which is beyond wrong! Not only that but he wants to give her his grandmother's ring which Emily visited to deliver. I thought Aidan had been terrible at seeing the red flags with Suren, but now Josh is being even more blind! At least Aidan had no intention of becoming attracted to Suren, he initially got involved with her for a valid enough reason, his freedom(which turned out to be banishment).

    Things are a bit more pleasant in Sally's neck of the woods. Now that her curse has been lifted, her first use of her freedom, paying a visit to her best friend since the third grade, Bridgett. Her encounters with Sally's ghost in the first season has had a pretty profound effect on her, not only is she sporting a new black hairdo, but also a new passion for communicating with the dead. She convinces Sally to accompanying her to a Wiccan seance group which she regularly practices with. I love the ring of 'Sally: The Seance Crasher', and her sidekicks roger and some other dude. It's pretty clear the ghosts see the practice as a mockery. No one invites these ghosts, they just show up for the nice racks and Bridgett tends to experience complete blank spots but they are not due to meditations. It's because she's the most popular ghost toy. Sally won't stand for this to the point where she will gladly make a scene to get these ghosts to back off. She really shouldn't have mentioned that she was once one of them though, this just got them all over her. Good thing she still has that soul lock which she decides Bridgett needs more than she.

    Comatose Erin is not Aidan's only concern. He's not the only vampire who's been able to avoid the virus and for who knows how long, he's secretly been sharing Kenny's blood. Remember how Kenny wanted to be turned but Aidan rejected? Well Blake has cut a deal with bubble boy to be his maker, and I think it helped that she's pretty. Little does this baby vamp know that Aidan doesn't tolerate violators of his golden rule: 'no vampires in my hospital!' and that he has a soft spot for Kenny. Please tell me there won't be a whole lot of this bitch! She's giving Aidan the same old routine about how he was a legend who's now a disgrace. *eye roll*. Also not sure how many days were shown in this episode but she came back and forth feeding from Kenny in the SAME OUTFIT like five times! Though babies do need to eat every 4 hours HA! At one point Aidan finds him in a pretty weak state and boy does this piss him off.
    "I am a killer, it's the very core of my nature and I have to fight against that everyday"
    Aidan has some of the most amazing, in depth lines in the show, just like his entire character is and Sam Witwer delivers them brilliantly!
    I love how he gets that bitch busted with his fellow hospital staff for not being authorized to visit Kenny, but Aidan is forced to make what is probably one of the most difficult decisions he's ever made as a vampire. In order to protect Kenny fro Blake, he had to agree to be his maker. I am not quite sure yet whether or not I like this but I am leaning far more towards hoping he doesn't do it. Something tells me that would not go well, Kenny as a vampire. He's a kid hungry for freedom, it has abuse written all over it.

    On the other hand, there is still a flicker of hope for our lone vampire to find some happiness through all this shit when a plumbing problem reunites him with Kat. Aidan is no plumber but he's quite talented at turning off the water! Let me just say that Historian + History = perfect match. They are adorable! They totally made History-offs the new sexy thing! I want badly to see this develop more! I would love to see them discuss the most important time in Aidan's life, the Revolutionary War. I seriously think that the fact that they are wearing matching outfits in the scene where she brings him the casserole is a sign that they are meant to be! That was just too cute! I have hope that because they are getting  a late start on this relationship that Kat will not die on him.
    Ugh this is also where Nora seriously goes out of line, actually ordering Aidan to stay away from Kat! Where does she get off ordering him around, he's like 200 years older than you bitch! You are so not his mother, nor Kat's for that matter! They can both see whomever they want!

    I was hoping Aidan could go the entire season without a kill, he's been doing so well so far and Erin is pulling through! Unfortunately that does not work for Liam's next plan.
    "None of this will be in vein, you are fulfilling your destiny"
    Apparently her destiny is to be a werewolf martyr so there is a more personal excuse for him to target Aidan and if she won't be one herself, using a pillow, Liam would have to create her as one.
    The next day when Josh and Nora arrive to find her body being removed, it doesn't make Aidan look good.

    Things aren't looking too great for Sally either, Donna is now two for two with her unspoken fine print when she ends up pulling a chunk of her hair from her head in front of the mirror. What could this mean? Is she rotting away like the zombie chick they had on the BBC version? Interestingly it occurred to me that she never seems to get full on food because possibly she's meant to eat something else. Could this be why she's literally falling apart now?

    Monday on Being Human Aidan is in some serious trouble when he is captured and tortured by Liam who wants to get his daughter's whereabouts out of him. Wrong culprit! 
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shadow_walker12 on March 6th, 2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
Review BH Epi 7 - One is silver, the other pagan
I´m reading your thewolfmoonjournal since Being HUman started as a regular. Your review is very detailed, so even anybody who won´t have seen this episode would be able to follow the story plot, connecting without a break to the next episode. You´re commenting the events from Aidan´s side and this makes pretty clear who´s your favotite character on the show here.(strangely enough, almost every writer of reviews tends to fix onto a certain character, also when they try to stay somewhat neutral) I agree with you that Aidan reacted in self defense when he kicked Erin into the wall. He couldn´t differ if she was only threatening Aidan with the stake or if she would have the guts to make use of it. Josh is overly protective to Erin despite he knows her background, despite he knows the symptoms of a werewolf-blood poisoning, but his first thought is that Aidan tried to feed on her (As if he wouldn´t avoid it in the future ba bad experience. A hungry vampire isn´t a stupid vampire. Josh looks blinded by love in trusting Nora all over and I guess cuz she lost his unborn baby he developes too paternal feelings for Erin. I´m going conform with you also when Blake was coming into the hospital over and over again in the same dressing. Obviously not aware that this makes her more remarkable to the staff because her dressing is not the one to make her inconspicuous. Does make hunger her unwary? And does nobody but Aidan grow suspicious about Kenny becoming unusually weak suddenly. Aidan steps into a dilemma when he wards her off, by this becoming a heir of her deal she made with Kenny. Throughout the whole season Aidan is the one who´s stumbling from one problem into the other and you´re bringing this pretty well to the point. And I agree with you when you see problems ahead with Kenny being turned probably. He has been imprisoned his whole life since then cuz of his disease, never knew freedom outside a glass cage and he will barely to be controlled as a newbie. Henry was problematic too after turning, but as an adult, living a normal life, he could establish his new life way better than a youngster popped up into a world so foreign to him like an unknown planet. Since season 3 started everyone of the roommates lost their innocence, latest Nora when she confessed to kill Brynn. Her character is much more complicated this season because she gives in the wolf much more than Josh ever did (he fought it)and you make this very visible. If we hate her or if we feel pity for her cause of this doesn´t matter finally; Your point of view makes us to think about her thoroughly. Nora developed from a monster´s sidekick to an unsteady factor of some heaviness. Sally has a rather small part in this episode (we´ll see more of her new problems in the following Epi#8) So the central point here is lying on Aidan, Nora and Josh. You described it very well and finally I have to say; it´s interesting and enjoyment to read your review, Luna. Thank you. <3
thewolfsmoonthewolfsmoon on March 8th, 2013 12:27 am (UTC)
Re: Review BH Epi 7 - One is silver, the other pagan
Thank you so much for reading Regina.